Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 3 on the job....

Good Morning! (Just so you know, our blogs have been written by Beth, Karen and Kathy)
(this is Beth)
The team headed off to paint doors and trim today. Feet were dragging as everyone is pretty tired. Norm even has a blister on his hand from all his painting efforts yesterday. We discovered that Karen and Melanie are the trim experts when it comes to painting and gleefully purchased a bevy of tiny paintbrushes to ensure a job well done. Steve did some drywall work and it is quite spiffy. Sean still has hair on his head after directing this motley crew for a couple days. We have been having some pretty good eats, refiguring our meals as there is not a working oven. This morning we had stovetop biscuits and gravy - for which Kathy & I were very proud. The other team is a group of 21 college kids. They eat Lucky Charms for breakfast, PB&J sandwiches for lunch and some variation of tacos for dinner. They look longingly upon our meals....Last night I had a team member from the other group here ask how much I was being paid to make food for the group! Kathy and I have the easy job and we are enjoying every, well almost, minute of it!

The neighborhood where the house is located is pretty sad. We are located a couple houses down from the end of the block. You go around the corner and there is empty house after empty house all damaged or gutted - all with for sale signs. The neighborhood is very quiet. We met the sister of the woman who owns the house we are working on. She is a teacher. She said that after the storm, all the school personnel were fired and only half were rehired due to the relocation of so many students. There is more to her story but I will need another person to tell the rest.

When you drive around you will see a building in perfect condition next to one that is destroyed. Bushes are growing out of broken windows and chimneys. Many homes have holes in the roofs from rescuing people. Some have plastic over the holes, some do not. If a house has an X with a number below it, that is how many people from that home died. All in all, a very sad state of affairs.

Today we are stopping work at Noon and then heading to the 9th Ward to have a look, then we will split to do some sight seeing depending on what everyone wants to do. Some want to see the old graveyards, others the plantations, some the shopping district, etc.

I really do want to add pictures but am not sure how. We will need to get Andy to help us. We know you all want to see the picture of pickled pig lips.....