Friday, March 27, 2009

Karen's Blog

Final day and we are winding down. Suitcases are packed, floors cleaned and muscles tired. I worked on finishing the last of the doors with Norm and Andy. It was great spending some time getting to hear all about Norm's life and travels. I counted 6 doors, and 4 sets of closet doors each needing a double coat. David and Meghan painted some so no one had to do it all, but it was still a job. Living with an Engineer for 20+ years I have found something else that I am picky about, much to the irritation of my fellow workers. I kept trying to tone it down, only to have my husband's voice in my head saying, "brushstrokes one way so that they disappear into the previous ones. Do the panels in the door, then interior parts before doing the vertical board, etc. ". Truly in the early stages of our marriage I could have cared less which way my strokes were going. But judging from the way I supervised the painting of the doors, I have definitely gone over to the dark side. The only upside to my team losing all patience with my suggestions is that I know there is ONE person in this world who will care! Another discovery is that Andy has not wandered too far from the tree cause he totally got me! He became as picky as me and even found a few of my mistakes - so proud! I really had a great time here and am so touched that these people have opened up to us and told us their stories. They have been so grateful that we were willing to come help them. It is such a tragedy to see up close how much these people are still suffering. I have also enjoyed spending time with my wonderful son - wow, he's like a real human being when you pull him out of his room. HMMM maybe next spring we can do this again????) Just kidding, Andy!