Friday, March 27, 2009

Melanie's Turn - Okay so I said I wouldn't touch a computer for a week. Well, I almost made it. With all the rain we've had during the past 24 hours you'd think we were back in Oregon (except that the rain here feels like you're in a warm shower and then in a sauna when it stops). Today we arrived at the house only to find "Lake Oregon" in the back yard - kinda reminded me when we had Lake Sedler in our back yard after a downpour a few years back! I'm sure glad I don't have any painting to do at home for awhile (ESPECIALLY edging and bluish-grey paint). After almost 5 days I finally had a chance to work with some white paint - MORE EDGING!!! I guess it's the steady hand OR the ability to scoot along the floor (concrete or sometimes [but not often newly laid Pergo [which should NOT have been laid down before the paint was done]) on my butt.

Tonight we all "embellished" one of my Rebuilding Together Washington County tees with notes to those we leave behind and those who will arrive after us to help in their own ways to rebuild this city both in structure and in soul. Thank you to all who encouraged us through your prayers, friendship and financial support. Without you we may not have had this wonderful experience of helping others who have lived through such a horrible time in their lives. May our time here in New Orleans be a good memory for those we have touched along the way.

With a song in my heart AND a paint brush (for the past 5 days) in my hand!!!!!

God bless you all and I'll be home soon!!!!


P.S. Disregard all those comments by on previous blogs by my AWOLian "friends" about my inabilities to........... They probably did mention that I tend to have a speech impediment before have my first few cups of coffee [preferrably without grounds in the coffee AND the coffee in the cup] :)