Friday, March 27, 2009

P-P-P-Picture Time!!!

Hey guys and gals, we finally have the motherload of pictures ready, and if the cameras, the laptop, and the slow internet connection here hold out, we should be able to put up even more.

Also, for those who didn't believe we were working, here's some cold - hard - evidence.
Not really, but you get the picture

Get it?


The creative genius at work, blogging his heart out.

The house we're working at. The paint fumes are everywhere man!!!

Melanie hard at work on her trim!

The people who stayed behind to help finish up got to sign their names or make a custom signature. Here are a few...

In Order - Allison, Sean, Andy

Jamaica is working hard, or hardly working....... Not really sure which...

The Whole team gathered outside Mike's house. Yes, we are doing things other than sightseeing. Isn't it amazing?