Friday, March 27, 2009

Meghan's blog

Here's my thoughts on New Orleans. Some areas looked really awesome and pretty. Others looked like a disaster(Obviously). I would not suggest coming here with children. My mom doesn't feel like blogging so I will do it for her.
The absolute worse place I went to(I didn't go to the 9th Ward) was Bourbon Street. It smelled like a combination of urine/vomit/bleach. It was full of strip clubs and bars selling pizza and mango daiquiris. Little kids were crying over the smell and loud noises. On sunday, we went to the La Bayou restaurant were Allison and I had the Shrimp Ya-Ya. It was basically shrimp in a spicy pesto sauce.
On monday morning, we went to the People's United Methodist Church to get our assignment. Lucky for us, we got painting. When we got to the house, we met a man named Mike who was the son of the owner of the house. We worked on the ceilings. When we went to Winn Dixie, we met Pastor Verona Brown( aka Bunny Ear Lady). She was very nice.
Not much else happened this week.
As you have read earlier, we got off early on wednesday. Kathy had given the details of my afternoon. One thing she didn't mention was that I had Oyster Pasta. It was awesome. When we were heading for the job site today, the GPS was acting a bit odd. We named her Bolivar(Ball-eve-are). She wasn't speaking to us and got my mom totally lost. We finally got her talking after a while. On thursday night, a few of us played pictionary telephone. We came up with hilarious stuff like The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy; Poached Eggs Edition.
Now I have to talk about something completely un-work related. On monday and tuesday night, my parents, Melanie, and I insisted to watch Dancing With The Stars. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniac( aka The Woz) scored 10 out of 30 which is the lowest score since season 2( It's season 8). He competed with Denise Richards in a dance-off and Denise was eliminated. Shawn Johnson, Melissa Rycroft, and Gilles Marini tie the best score of the night with 27. This week was week three of the competition. I forgot a lot of stuff that happened this week so I have nothing else to say.
Have a nice day/night