Thursday, March 26, 2009


Heeeey, little update from Andy. After many cameras not foraged for pictures, we finally found 1 camera that we could connect to the computer. We have 3 Pictures for y'all.

The best chili powder in the universe, a nice big ol' can of "Slap Ya Mama!"

Beth and Melanie with Robert Green Jr in front of his new house in the Lower 9th Ward. Robert lost his wife and granddaughter when the barge broke through the levee behind their home. :(

One of the two groups gathered, posed for a picture, at the closed Riverwalk. I am still overcome with joooooy from my rib dinner at Mulate's. 12 Awesome Ribs!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Ahoy, so looking over the blogs posted me and Meghan realized that Beth and Mom totally forgot to mention the Bunny Lady, Pastor Verona Brown. She was collecting money for homeless kids in front of the Winn Dixie. She was uber nice and freakishly awsome. Hi Verona! -Allison

Allison and Jamaica with Robert Green Jr. Happeh People!

More Soon

~Andy The Awesome